I specialize in revealing and replacing limiting beliefs that dictate human behavior. I create strategies for my clients' financial independence and a freedom-based lifestyle in the beautiful country of Mexico.

My areas of practice are:

LIFE MAKEOVERS: Your beliefs are mental models you live by. They are constraining parameters of your reality. Those models, buried in your subconscious mind shape your life.

I help my clients become aware what beliefs and mental models are driving their life. Once you know what is pulling your strings, you can replace the old patterns with new ones. I use a custom diagnostic tool to reveal subconscious mechanisms. After your subconscious terrain is mapped out I address your "tripping points" and replace them with new beliefs.

With this approach deep changes are possible within a short period of time. Minimum 2 sessions required. Contact me for pricing and more information at [email protected]

MEXICO RELOCATIONS: You are considering moving to a different country. Mexico is on your list. I can help you arrive at the right decision and orchestrate your relocation from A to Z.

Since 2021 I have helped over 200 clients with their relocations. My Mexico Relocation Portal and webinars have been instrumental for many families and individuals. I offer individual relocation strategy & planning sessions for people interested in making an informed decision and follow a sound plan.

For more information about the Portal go here.

BUSINESS RELOCATIONS AND ONLINE BUSINESS STARTUPS: I enjoy seeing ideas materialize in the tangible world. Designing the product/services based on your talents and skills can be very rewarding and can provide the financial independence you are looking for. 

I hold online business sessions. At the beginning of the work we set up your entrepreneurial mindset and put in place all necessary business elements. You get things to do at home. Throughout the process I provide you feedback. Then, we design your product/service and create a virtual space for it.

If you are currently running a business and considering living in another country, I can help you strategize the best option for you.

This program is by application only as I need to first assess if I'm able to help you. 

To apply and have a chat with me, please email me at [email protected]