About the Portal

Mexico Relocation Portal has been acquired by few hundred people all over the world. It has been especially popular among Canadians. It continues to be a major support for people who wish to explore the possibility of establishing their lives in Mexico. The information is practical and easily applicable. It is an easy to follow path to a swift relocation. Margaret offers further support, if necessary.

Should you have questions, please contact Margaret directly at [email protected]

A complete toolbox for your relocation

You are getting:

  • Margaret's most recent relocation webinar video replay
  • Downloadables
  • Insider info from a local expat & relocation expert
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to orchestrate your move
  • Paths to Mexican residency
  • Practical advice about the move & adjustment period
  • Lessons learned from other expats
  • Personal support for your journey
  • Alerts, open forum
  • Video, downloadable materials
  • Detailed solutions to challenges that may arise


Due to Mexico's location you can grow nutritious food and you do not need heating all year long in most parts of this beautiful country. You can choose to live in a variety of climates, such as tropical or high altitude continental.

Cost of living

Because the cost of living (housing, food, utilities, rent) is much lower in Mexico you can save money while keeping your living standard. Many people chose Mexico for higher living standard on the same budget as in their home country.

Local support & clean living

There are a well established expats communities around Mexico, mostly on the coast. You will be able to receive support as soon as you land.
For people sensitive to EMF: the 5 gee network is not well developed. There are many communities that are outside of cell tower reach.

About Margaret Keays, your Mexico relocation guide:

I have moved to Mexico at the end of December 2020. I have successfully settled in Mazatlan where I live today.

I've moved my business 100% online, packed my bags and left on a cold December morning. My background is corporate consulting and coaching. I have successfully phased out from the corporate world in 2015 and started a thriving coaching practice where I utilize my tools and wisdom acquired through courses around the world. Visit my website to find out more about me www.margaretkeays.com

My intention is to bring closer to you the transition experience and to give you a detailed roadmap to moving to Mexico, should you decide to do so.
You will get the benefit of my research, the latest experience of making that move happen and what I’ve learned from my mistakes.