You are considering a move to another country...

You first need to know if you have enough information to make the correct decision for yourself, your business and your family. Then you need a solid personal plan based on the realities and your current situation.

There is a multitude contradicting information posted on the internet. Your best option is to connect with a professional, grounded in the Mexican reality, someone who has worked with many individuals and is up to date as far as the immigration and economic changes in Mexico.

You need to be well-informed, properly prepared physically, financially and emotionally to make a smooth transition. My tools and consultations cover it all.

Ways in which I can support your relocation...

I support my clients depending on their comfort level and preferences in the following ways:

  1. Mexico Relocation Portal ($96USD)
    It is an interactive do-it-yourself relocation tool that goes through all the aspects of the relocation process from what might you do with your assets to ways of obtaining the Mexican residency. For more information go here.
  2. Mexico Relocation Webinar replay ($60USD)
    It is a very good source of vital information that will help you make the decision and organize your move. There is lots of practical information contained in the replay, so make sure you take lots of notes.
  3. Personal relocation sessions ($140USD)
    If you are serious about your move and find you need that personalized approach to come up with your strategy, timeline and a plan, then a personal session is the best option for you. Many clients purchased the Portal and a session. 60 minutes is sufficient time to develop a good relocation plan for you.


Should you have any further questions, please email me at [email protected]

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